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Week 7: Collective Intelligence, Collaboration, and Thinking Multimodally

Now that you have submitted your video narratives, we can turn our attention to our next big project: the tap essay. If you haven’t downloaded Tapestry on your iPad or phone, you should do so ASAP, as we will be using the application in our classes next week. As we work on this project, you should bring your iPad (or another mobile device with Tapestry on it) to class each day unless I specify otherwise.

Here’s a quick overview of how we’ll get started on this new project next week:

  • On Monday, we will continue our discussion about collaboration and collective intelligence. Before you go to sleep on Sunday, please read Chapter 4 in Net Smart (pp. 147–89) and leave a comment on this post pointing to something from the chapter that you want to discuss in class. In addition, please read at least ten different tap essays within Tapestry and come to class on Monday with a long list of ideas for your tap essay (long = at least ten).
  • On Wednesday, we will begin working with the Tapestry application to explore the differences between traditional printed texts and multimodal texts. Before you come to class, please create a document in your Google Drive folder containing three possible topics for your tap essay. For each topic, write a paragraph or two that summarizes the argument you want to make and describes how you might do so using the tap essay format. I will review these ideas with each of you to help you finalize your topics for this project.

As always, if you have any questions, send me an email or stop by during my office hours.

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