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Week 6: Wrapping Up the Video Narrative, Participatory Culture, and New Genres of Writing

I hope our peer critique exercise helped you with your video narratives. Even though I couldn’t hear the audio, I could tell that most of your videos are really starting to come together. Now that we’re in the home stretch for Unit #1, you should be completing the following tasks:

  • After making any necessary changes to your script, go to the InnovationSpace in 1140 Torgerson Hall to record the final version of your narration.
  • Adjust the timing and sequencing of your images and video clips based on the feedback you received from your classmates.
  • Add some type of title at the beginning of your video, and make sure you are citing your sources in a “Credits” section at the end.
  • When you are finished with your video, export it so it will play on any computer. Depending on the software you’re using, you should end up with a file that has one of these extensions: .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .avi, or .wmv.
  • Place your video, your written script, and any other relevant materials into your shared Google Drive folder.

Here’s how we’ll spend our time in class:

  • On Monday, we will discuss participatory culture on the web. Please read Chapter 3 (pages 111–45) in Net Smart no later than Sunday night, then add a comment to this post with a specific passage you’d like to discuss in class. (Bonus points for interacting with your classmates in the comments section!)
  • On Wednesday, your video narratives are due before you arrive in class. To submit your project, please follow the instructions on the assignment sheet. In class, I will introduce our second major assignment, the Tap Essay, and we will begin exploring this new genre, so make sure you bring your iPads to class.

Finally, I will be shifting my office hours next week so you can meet with me before your video narratives are due. If you’d like some help with your project, please email me to set up an appointment, or just stop by my office (427 Shanks Hall) on Monday from 9–12 or Tuesday from 1–4.

Good luck putting the finishing touches on your videos — I can’t wait to watch them!

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