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Week 4: Crap Detection 101, Plus a Rough Draft Critique Session

We’re halfway through our Video Narrative unit, so your projects should be starting to take shape. I’ll be looking over the drafts you uploaded to Google Drive this weekend, so watch for an email from me containing some feedback on your script.

Next week, we will work on pulling together all of your various artifacts into a coherent narrative. Here’s how we’ll spend our time in class each day:

  • On Monday, we will discuss Howard Rheingold’s concept of “crap detection.” Before you come to class, please read Chapter 2 (pages 77–109) in Net Smart and explore the Hypothes.is website. (Be sure to watch the introductory video on the “What Is It?” page.) Sometime before Sunday night, leave a comment on this post about a specific passage from Net Smart that you want to discuss in class. (Even better: use your comment to extend or refute one of your classmate’s ideas.) In addition, please come to class with a “shopping list” for your video narrative that includes every image, video clip, audio clip, etc., that you think you need to complete your project. (Be as detailed as possible!) We will spend part of class helping you determine when you should create these items yourself and when you should rely on public domain or Creative Commons materials.
  • Wednesday’s entire class will be devoted to a peer critique workshop designed to help you finalize your script and begin arranging the various components within your video. Before you come to class, you need to (a) revise your original script and ensure that it falls within the 3–5 minute time limit, (b) create and/or gather all raw materials (video clips, audio clips, and still images) for your video, and (c) select which software program you will use to create the final version of your video. Depending on which software program you choose, you may need to bring your laptop to class on Wednesday.

As always, if you have any questions about our plans for next week, drop me a line via email or Twitter.

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