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Week 14: Internet Memes, Going Viral, and Launching Our Collaborative Project

Our class discussions this week led us in a different direction than we originally planned for our online advocacy project, but I get the sense that everyone is more excited about our revised focus. At this point, each of you should be working with a few of your classmates to make progress on a specific aspect of this project. Please use our shared class folder in Google Drive to store all materials related to this project, and be sure to use clear and obvious file-naming conventions to label anything you add to the folder.

Right now, our biggest priority is finalizing a logo for use on our various social media accounts and developing our “calling cards” in InDesign. If you’re working on these tasks, please be ready to share drafts of your work with the whole class on Monday. By the time we leave class on Wednesday, we should be ready to officially “launch” our project.

Here’s how we’ll spend our time in class and what you need to do to prepare:

I’m looking forward to another great week of lively discussions, and I can’t wait to see how our online advocacy project evolves!

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