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Week 12: Using the Internet for Good, Collaborative Planning, and Peer Critique

I hope Wednesday’s in-class exercise helped you develop some strategies for analyzing your assigned organization for Unit #3, and I hope you’ve been observing your organization and collecting plenty of artifacts to use in your analysis. At this point, you should be organizing your artifacts and selecting a few specific features to discuss in your paper. Between now and Monday, you should begin drafting your analysis (don’t forget to include screenshots to illustrate your arguments!), and by next Wednesday, you should have a complete draft. If you have questions about your work on Unit #3 or need help refining your ideas, please come see me during my office hours next week (T 1–4; W 9-12).

Here’s how we’ll spend our time next week:

  • On Monday, we will extend our discussion about using the internet to change the world, then we will hold a collaborative planning session for our Online Advocacy Project. Before you come to class, please read “How to Stop the Bullies,” by Emily Bazelon, and “All You Need Is (Facebook) Love: ‘Compliments’ Accounts Go Viral at Colleges and Universities,” by Olivia B. Waxman. Before you go to bed on Sunday night, please add a comment to this post that highlights and analyzes a selection from one of these two articles. After our discussion, we will begin making specific plans and assignments for our Unit #4 project, so be ready to discuss potential titles, software programs, publicity strategies, and key stakeholders.
  • On Wednesday, we will conduct a peer critique session for Unit #3. Please come to class with a complete draft of your multimodal rhetorical analysis in Google Docs format. If time permits, we will return to our Unit #4 project.

If you have any questions about these plans, just let me know. Otherwise, I’ll look forward to a lively discussion in class on Monday!

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